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Back at the beginning of the 20th century, amplifiers were nothing more than a horn fixed to a vibrating steel needle on the wind-up phonograph.  Radio changed all that.  The faint radio signal had to be amplified electronically with vacuum tubes in order to drive a speaker, and those radios are still around today, although in somewhat diminished numbers.  Millions went into the landfills or were salvaged for parts during World War II. 

We love antique radios, and restore as many as we can get our hands on.  Some of our own restorations we sell and many we keep. 

While electronic "repair" may be likened to puzzle solving, "restoration" is an art with many styles and schools of restoration.  At ANALOG AUDIO SERVICE, the style and extent of the restoration is up to you, the customer.  We do, however, advise the best way to pursue a project, and much depends on the age and value of the radio under consideration, and whether it will be regularly put into service once the restoration is complete.  One thing for certain, there is no such thing as an antique radio "repair".  Old radios must always be "restored" to one extent or another. 

Electronic restoration is a priority for sure, but we are also equipped to tackle the chassis and cabinet restoration on that old radio.  Whether it be a bad finish or veneer, torn grille cloth, or cracked bakelite, or missing knobs, we can fix it.  Call us with your particular project. 

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