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Pro-Audio repair is done on an average 10 day turn-around.  Work is guaranteed for 90 days.  The cost will vary, depending on the complexity of the problem, of course.

Normally there is no charge for an estimate, should the problem be obvious and easily fixed.  If we have to dig to find the problem, there may be a charge for this service, which will be deducted from the cost of repair.  Contact us for specific costs.

Really old gear may need complete restoration if it is to be put back into regular service, and we can do that, too.  Keep in mind, the cost will be more than a simple repair.  Call us and we'll be happy to discuss your repair or restoration, and give our opinion as to whether the effort will be worthwhile. 

We are an authorized Warranty Service Center for FENDER, AMPEG, CRATE, PEAVEY® and associated manufacturers.

Manufacturers may not cover the cost of shipping, broken jacks, bad tubes or obvious cases of abuse on warranty repairs--fair warning, should those problems apply to your new equipment.  Be sure to call if  in doubt about your particular problem. 

Always call before shipping, whether your equipment is in need of service under warranty or just needs our normally fast and reliable care.